In Case You Didn't Catch the News

I thought the following might be of interest.

"International donors are to meet in Egypt, where they are expected to pledge billions of dollars to rebuild Gaza after Israel's recent offensive.

Teams from some 75 nations are in Sharm el-Sheikh, among them US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is expected to commit $900m (£633m) to the fund.

Thousands of Gaza homes were destroyed or damaged during Israel's operation."

Source: BBC News

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

as usual , you're right grits.

regardless of who are where it might be war anywhere is not good and many suffer. It is the leaders who take the people into these things and the leaders should be the ones to find ways of helping their people. Like maybe learning to agree to disagree and do what is best for people and not for power. Thsee types of leaders seem to be all any country has. It is sad there are not just plain folks who want to do what is right for the people and peace.

Next time Israel is attacked. They should send flowers!