Crossdressing Nude At The Beach

I live near a nudist beach so I have a great opportunity to enjoy crossdressing and being nude in a public place.
The fun part is going to the beach fully fully dressed in women's clothes and then taking them off.
I always take off my top first as I like to show that I'm wearing a bra.
Then I'll take off my skirt, petticoat (I won't be wearing knickers) and stockings.
Lastly, I'll take off my bra and lie in the sun for an hour or so in the nude.
Getting dressed is fun as well as I just reverse the process...bra, stockings, petticoat, skirt and top.
I have sometimes done this on an ordinary beach but put on a bikini to avoid being nude, so this always an option and sunbathing in a bikini is almost as good as being nude.
peteorpen peteorpen
61-65, M
Jan 21, 2013