Dare Me

I am 15 years old, I have a best guy friend in the same class sitting beside me. We were always messing around and daring each other. There is this one day in class, we started a round of dares. I dared him to pull out his penis... And, he did. In return, he dared me to flash the guy next to me... Which I did. When it got back to my turn, I dared him the biggest dare.

I dared him to jerk off while sitting there.

Without hesitation, he did it without catching the teacher's attention. After like 5 mins, he elbowed me and whispered, "Stacy! HELP!" I looked over there and there was all this white stuff all over his hands, desk and pants! I could not stop laughing and hurried before everyone looked. Ingeniously, I threw some glue over to him.

He told everyone that glue had gotten all on him. Everyone seemed to believe that to this day! But after that, we agreed to never dare each other again!
Stacy8989 Stacy8989
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Wow, Stacy! You're so good at being bad... :-)

hahha thats funny. sounds like a sticky situation he got into there

Are you still taking dares?

You should have reached over and helped him ;-)

Every time I have jerked off for a woman she has always watched the whole show from growing hard to coming. I am surprised you turned away and missed the show.

great story.... totally enjoyed the dare.... guess u would have grown some linking of flashing form all these experience huh


My school pal used to beat his **** against the desk whilst in french lessons - but he never came, reminds me the time i tossed off in the school changing rooms leaving a sticky mess all over the floor - just ready for the girls coming in next period

shame you stop dareing each other sounds fun

Apparently as a 15year you are on your own,Parents aren't teaching you and the schools aren't either,or you just don,t care what trouble you can get into.Not only is it not appropriate in class it is not for your age either.Anyone encouraging the behavior is corruption of a minor,not to mention uneducated people

Wow, I *********** at my work desk once and made a mess of the carpet. That was good fun.

Wow you both are pretty guttsy with your dares to be doing it in a high school class room. How close were you to to the front, huh? I am surprissed he didn't dare you to do the same back.

lol okay i dont know if even I would do this during school, nice job both of you! and great thinking ;]

I would think that more dares could be fun.