Dorm Dare

Hai this is my first experience i gonna share.This dare i done is in college.when i was in the dorm other girls dared me to walk nude to the college men i went nude to college with some fear because this is my first i went to the college bathroom i saw two guys went inside the bathroom.i slowly went inside and saw the guys are peeing as i am afraid i went outside and ran to the dorm but the girls locked the door.after five minutes they came out and allowed me inside.this was my first dare
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5 Responses Sep 13, 2010

Great story. When I visited my GF at her college. I stayed in her room. The next morning I went to take a shower down the hall and bumped into 2 nude college girls walking to the women's showers. I told my GF what I saw. She said that happens all the time with both men and women, so the next morning I walked to the showers with just a towel over my shoulder.

Your brave

Cool - done any more?

We all start somewhere, pretty brave though for your first dare.

That was very brave! :)