Double Naked Dare Turned Into Cfnm Turned Into Public Nudity

A long long time ago in my younger years, Cindy and I agreed to a double dare, I lost the coin toss so her dare was first. We both agreed that the second dare would probably be more daring because of the retaliation factor. Her dare involoved a naked streak in a public park. The drop off location was agreed upon and her car was parked in a remote area. She did a prior walkthru and figured out her route with the least exposure. The distance was about 200yards (Two football fields).
The big day was planned, Cindy was dropped off. She headed immedaitely for the trees and followed the creek for a majority of the distance. Her route made the distance longer but her public exposure less. She ran into a few people along the creek, but by the time they saw her she would zag a new route. Eventually, she had about a forty yard open dash in the picnic area which was priceless. She disappeared into the woods again and headed for her parked car. Once there she found the note on the LOCKED car about the keys hanging on a branch in a near tree. The panic set in. She started her frantic search while I watched in hiding. She found the keys but had to jump to grab em. Just out of reach it took her atleast six jumps. Again Priceless.

Now my turn. Expecting the retaliation factor I was alot apprehensive. But,  it all seemed harmless. On a corner of a block close to my home, I was supposed to stand naked at 1 am at which time she would drive by with a car full of her and my female friends. They would come from the south so across the street. I do some jumping jacks and a whirllybird helocopter with my **** as they drove past. The ladies would not be given my identity and I could wear a mask sothat the ladies who knew me would not know it was me and think it was just a normal wild crazzy naked man on the corner. I can do this, I mean my identity would be unkown.

The day came, I got down to the corner early. undressed behind a bush. Took everything Off including my shoes. placed on a mask. At 12:59, I went to the corner and waited but watched nervously for anything unexpected. At 1:03 am, I figured they were a noshow. their loss, naked dare complete. I headed back toward the bush. Half a block away the headlights came on. I frooze. The car started heading my way but was coming from the wrong direction and was on my side of the street instead of the other side. I had the mask on so figured, what the heck, I'm here anyway. So remained in the open in the headlights. The car stopped at the curb when I realized it was cindy with the other ladies in a SUV. Two ladies My Sis and a coworker)  jumped out on my side and nudged me toward the car while I remained confused. I know this was not a good idea so started to resist when a third lady (another coworker of mine) got out, grab my **** (obviously milked cows in her youth) . She took the stance of a tug-of-war and towed me into the car At the back door, my head was lowered so I could see inside. The back seat was full with two more ladies (Cindy's Sis and a one of my cousins) so in order to get in, I just scooted in over their laps, still not grasping the big picture as the three other ladies climbed back in. I was now laying face down on  four ladies laps. Was  directed to rollover. So now **** up or sunnyside as they called it. One leg folded, the other foot on the floor. A pillow was placed under my head(Very consiterate of them) and tilted so I could see my **** being grabbed by all four ladies. My mask was jerked off so my identity exposed along with my entire nude body. I reckonized two ladies from work and they reckonized me but had probably already been informed of my identity before now. The others (Cindy, Cindy's Sis, My Sis  and my cousin had already seen me naked before from some of our nude skinny dips and hikes together. I was speechless as they worked my ****, laughed and had a grand time all at my expense. They completely ignored anything I said and pretended I didn't exist except my naked body. With the ladies working my privates, the erection was unavoidable. the stroking continued and only intensified. My Sis was kneeling in shotgun facing to the rear and started suggesting activities the other four could try. After each of her suggustions I'd yell, "That is not possible". For example, I'm pretty sure You can not tie a penis into a granny knot. When I was captured, I asumed they would not kill me since my Sis and Cindy were present but with the idea of hang him with his penis came out I wasn't so sure. When I was getting close to exploding one of the gals, said, " Rotate". The car swirved to the curb. I was dumped onto the floor.  All doors flew open. Sis climbed over the front seat into the back two new gals with hoods on climbed over the backseat from the back storage area and a forth entered from the side door. Sis was postitioned first, so started helping me off the floor by grabbing my **** and lifting me. The pillow had already been replaced and the new lap belonged to my Grocery store checdkout lady, Susan. I said, "Hi". But she was ignoring me while checking out my penis. Sis sat next to her and had everythkng in hand, sorta speak. The two hooded ladies were a mystery and would not talk, so i quessed they wanted to keep their identity secret and I would reckonize their voices. One was well Bossomed, atleast at 40D if not a Double D, I never forget a boob, but could not place this set. I quess, I couldn't think straight under the circumstances. Cindy again stated, "Who ever makes him blow will have to clean my car!!!!". Sis said she had everything undercontrol and was monitoring the situation. The two hooded ladies were not shy about grabbing and pulling and yanking and stroking and  I knew  my time was cuming. Sis cumfirmed the fact. Cindy reinforced her concerns. The big Boob hooded gal diasappeared out of view and took the whole situation (i.e. my ****) into her mouth. Cindy said, " you better swallow or else!!!" She had rolled her hood up just enough to work my **** with her lips and tongue and Mouth but i still could not see her face. Who is she.? Maybe I don't want to know.  I have no idea how she positioned herself to accomplish this task. Cindy kepted saying you better swallow, I don't want my car messed up. I quess, she had her priorities. I Just remembered the Boobs!! They belong to my supervisor!

After, I exploded I figured to be dropped off back at my block corner. Wrong. I  was dropped off in the middle of Walmart parking lot and towed out of the car by my **** again by the other hooded women. It was about 2:45 am. Walmart was rather busy for that time of night, I thought. I stood Naked by the SUV pleading my case about no clothes, no shoes. They speed off. Evaluating the current situation of being totally naked in a Walmart parking lot directly under a parking flood light, I decided I best depart. Headed for the open adjacent field and then along a path into a residential area. I calculated my position was about ten miles from home. I started working my way home with the dark corners not wanting to be reported by an onlooker and called into the police as a naked stalker. Made about three blocks when I say a car headlights so jumped into a side alley. The alley was gravel and my feet tender so was not a pretty sight of a naked guy dancing. Made my way three houses down and slid between a privacy fence and shade tree. The car turned down the alley and passed by. It was a POLICE car. I knew then I'd never make it the 5 miles alone. Inside the fence a dog started barking so I hunkered lower. The backdoor opened with a lady in her nightgown stepping out. I built up enough nerve to get her attention with some whistling. She was not friendly and stepped back inside behind the screen. I spoke a little louder explaining my naked situatuion but explaining that I was not a stalker or crook but was stranded by my friends as an initiation into a fraternity. I lived 10 miles away and did not know how to get home. I left out the fact the friends were female and I got into the car already naked. But she also didn't ask.

She did not want me to come into her house and I understood her reasoning. So, she said she'd get the car ready and then open the side gate for me to come to the front of the house. She went inside and I could hear the door lock. I waited but started to wonder way she couldn't just drive around and pick me up in the alley. Oh, well, beggars can't be picky. I saw the side gate open so made my way in to the backyard and toward the side. I could see her standing at the front of the house holding the gate open while waiting for me. Started down the side but quickly started dancing with my bare feet on the gravel pit sidewalk at which time the motion floodlight came on. Great!!! I continued my naked rain dance toward the unkown female stranger, her laughing out loud the whole time. At the gate, she motioned toward the Small sportcar and said she had placed a towel on the seat for me to sit.
The option of using the towel to also cover myself left when I saw the little hand washcloth placed on the seat. Great!!!

Once inside, I placed my left arm on my left leg to help hide myself from the driver side. She climbed in and said where to. I  gave her my block address, but not the exact address, since I really didn't know her either. The car was a stick shift so her hand rested only about 6 inches from my private parts. She commented about hoping not to mistakingly grab the wrong stick when shifting. We both laughed. During the drive, the topic changed to light conversation in which time I noticed that she had not changed her nightgown and failed to put a robe on. Her nightgown was a light red but not see-thru and it went just below her waist. The bottoms were a boxer style with the sides slit all the way up I was hoping for bikini bottoms or a thong but the slit was sexy. . The front buttoned and the top button was undone.  I reclined my seat alittle to improve my angle of view down her gown toward her nipples which were showing signs of the night chill. Her right nipple was protruding well into the gown and silhouted by the passing street lights. During this time I lost my focus of shading her view and had assumed a more natural arm/hand position. As I viewed her nipples, my personnel situation grew. She also noticed and shifted her conversation to my nudity situation. She started looking sideways toward the gear shift more regularly and quickly changed her topic to the gear shift knob's curve and soft feel as the reason she choose this particular Knob. I couldn't tell which knob she was discribing so my member continued to grow and got very erect. I started to cover myself when she said, "If you want to get home, I would not do that!" The drive continued until the next shift when she mistakingly grabbed the wrong stick. I mentioned her error and she said, "No, I got the right stick, Watch" She started shifting my **** from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th to overdrive as she stated each gear position." I Said, "Hard to argue with that logic." She continued to drive me home while fondling my knob. When we pulled up to the curb in which I had been picked up several hours ago, I realized the trip took longer then I expected and she had undone the next two bottons on her top. The left nipple was now fully exposed. She admitted, she had made some wrong turns when she had gotten distracted. I quess, I wasn't paying attention to the road either and the time had just flew by.

At the curb, I apologized for the inconvenience I caused and din't have any cash on me to compensate her for her trouble. She Then moved her hand from the gear shift knob back to my knob then slid her hand down the shaft. She said, "Oh, don't worry I'll got my tip". She moved quickly to push the gear shift stick out of the way while bending over the center console. Her lips kissed my knob and then consumed my erect penis. Her tongue never stopped. I came close to exploding, when she suddenly stopped. Knowingly teasing me with the closeness of exploding she wanted to leave me wanting.  
She then stated, next time you are in my neighborhood feel free to stop by, Naked of course, otherwise I might not reckonize you. Goodnight
I leaned over and kissed her goodnight and thanked her for the ride. I Got out. Stood outside the car naked and erect. Because of the low profile of the sportcar my erection was right infront of the passenger window as she looked my way smiled and drove off.

I Now stood on that same corner still naked but now erect. I gathered my clothes out of the bush, checked for my keys. looked around the quiet silent neighborhood. And thought what the hell better just finish this night right. Put my shoes on and started walking back to my home, naked and erect. . With one house to go, I heard my neighbors wife say, "Evening Dave". I stopped in my tracks and turned to the neighbors porch. she was on the porch standing by the front rail smoking a cigerette. Her porch was dark, but the light from my porch reflected out to the street and shined a glow on my body. They had a small hedge but would obviously not hide my sill erect **** from her higher position. Her conversation was very general and did not reflect the situation. She suckered me in and I believed she could not see I was naked and erect. So pretended everything was normal. Eventually, I went to shift my body and move my arm infront. She then quickly informed me, "Don't worry, nothing I haven't seen before!". I must have looked puzzled cuz she then added, "I've watched you sun bath in your back yard.". I said," With the privacy fence and the surrounding houses all single story houses, I didn't realize."
She stopped me mid sentence, "Our house is two story with a bathroom window overlooking your backyard, plus the gap between boards in the fence plus the knot hole toward the back which is at just the right height when I place my lawn chair there.. If I crack the Bathroom  privacy window, I have a great view." I apologized, but didn't know why. She responded, "Don't stop enjoying the sun on my account infact since you obviously like being naked and daring, I have a few suggestions." #1. I dare you to......" The list was endless and mainly had the theme of doing numerous things in my backyard, Naked. She then added, "I Like the added length look, it looks good on you. Keep it UP, no pun intended." I said i'd consider her suggestions and would try to be an accumodating neighbor. Good night. Excused myself and headed on to my front door. I got home at 5:15 am that night. When I started the walk up my porch with the neighbor still watching and now in the full light of my porch, I tried to find my keys, but could not for a very long time. finally the last pocket. Fumbled the keys, and noticed the neighbor had shifted locations to the end of her porch closest to my house. About ten feet away, if she did not have a full view of my erection, she did now.  Ah, I have the key. Heard a car engine start, turned toward the street. On the other side was Cindy with the other ladies. windows down laughing and saying they just wanted to make sure I got home. The one lady from my work added, "See you monday, I like cream in my coffee"

On Saturday, I mowed my backyard naked. Saw that the neighbors bath room window was open. I got an erection just by knowing that she was watching. Once the erection was complete, I looked up to the window pointed to the erection and implied, OK, what do you think? Three right hands came out the window with thumbs up signs. I Smiled and continued mowing.

I searched for the Gal who drove me home but could never find her house again and never got her name.
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Wow, I can only dream of such things. Good for you.

Quite an exciting adventure!

I have never had this kind of adventure and probably never will darn it...

I have never had this kind of adventure and probably never will darn it...

great story! you have me erect and taller than I could imagine!