The Naked Dare At Shopping Center

So I brought a friend to my naked dare. After meeting with me he just asked if I am ready to do that, and I said yes. So we entered the lift and went to the top floor (there are 6 floor in this big shopping center, plus 2 basement floor).

I ******** myself in the lift, opening my T-shirt, pants, and underwears. Then after arriving in the top floor, we exited the lift leaving my clothes and even sandals in the lift. I didn't carry my clothes and sandals from the lift. The lift door closes and who knows where it would end up.

So my mission is to go around the mall naked and descending each floor by escalator - I can't use lift.

This is where it became intense. We walked around in the midst of people, and most of them were surprised and disgusted to see me. This gave me a sexual arousement - you know what happened to my ****. Not to mention the floor was very cold in bare feet. And the wind of air conditioner cools my naked body.

I regretted doing this but what had been done must be finished. We went inside some stores and even went inside a clothing shop and tried some clothes. The shopkeeper said that I must buy it cause I'm naked, and they asked why am I naked. I tried a t-shirt and a pants, but then I ******** down in front of them and gave them back the clothes. That was an intended troll.

We also had a short lunch there. It was kinda weird to sit on my bare ***. But the sensation is worth it. I don't care what people say - but fortunately no shopkeepers or security complains.

At the lowest floor, we went inside the lift to see if my belongings are still there. Guess what? They're all missing. I'm sure that somebody must have taken those things. LOL

We went outside the mall to stop a cab and brought me to his home, where he gave me some clothing to wear in my journey to my house. But he didn't give me any footwear, so I had to walk in bare feet lol.

What an exciting experience I had.
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1 Response Jan 3, 2013

Ive had a similar experience at the mall, well it was just inside a JCPenney