Dares For Girlfriend.

Well I'm looking for some dares. Keep in mind where we live its winter so limited to what we can and cannot do outside. I have a car with a sun roof I would like to take advantage of soon. Feel free to be creative and will keep you posted on what we accomplish!
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

have her ***** at a beach

Take her out to a Public Library, or in the grocery store, or even take her clothes shopping and photo her as she is trying on outfits

Write JEDI12 on her body somewhere and take a pic, Now you can do this indoors or write it on her at home but then take the pic in a public place if you find that thrilling!

There is always the classics to start with: Nude for pizza delivery dare, nude in drive-thru dare, nude in hotel hallway to get ice, and you've already done nude while driving. Toys can always be added if just being nude is too tame. ************ in the drive-thru with a big *****, having a butt plug inserted so that the pizza guy can see it when she turns from the door to get the money, getting ice wearing a ball gag and a spreader bar so she can't say "no" to anyone that may happen across her while getting the ice. Another hotel dare would be to lock her out on the balcony nude and have her call the front desk to have someone come let her in since you're "passed out" on the bed and won't wake up. Works best during the day so she can say she was getting some sun. Plus, being in the day would make her that much more exposed to passer-bys or people in other buildings. Push it a step further and have her reward her savior with a BJ, or some such, while you "sleep". Hope this helps stir your own creative juices. Can't wait to read the story of how this all turns out.

Start slow like going out to dinner braless, the maybe undo a few buttons before the waiter comes to take ur order let him sneak a view...

Love the idea of being "locked out" naked in the balcony. :)

The pizza delivery or actually any delivery is good idea.