A Dare In Public Place

During a south Georgia summer when I was seventeen I was dared at a party I would not go into a store nude and buy something. I had to leave my clothes at the party and rode to the store nude with four girls who were wearing clothes. The ride was made interesting as the girls would make sexual  comments to me and watched as I had an erection.This was the first time I had been nude in front of other people outside of my family, above all females. There was nothing I could do but hope this was going to be over soon. When we arrived in town I went in the store with an erection and the  woman at the counter was the older sister of the girl driving. She laughed and took her time in giving me back my change. On the way back to the party we had to stop and place an order at the drive thru where two more girls from school worked and had to look. On the way back I started to enjoy being nude and the freedom it gives. The car windows were down and the night was hot. We returned to the party and was asked by others how it felt to go nude. I told them they should try it. I stayed nude at the party for the rest of the night and several guys ******** and said if I can do it they would to. I look back and the experience was great as I discovered I enjoyed being nude, I didn't care who saw me. Several years later I married a girl from the party and she started going nude with me and loves the freedom it brings. I  go nude at home all the time and any where else you can. My wife has her friends over and I am nude in front of them. They laugh about that night and said they wished they had tried going nude that night to.

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The feeling is great and I have been the only one nude at a party and my partner and I have been the only couple naked at a party and a lot more love it .


I wish my partner would invite friends round and expec t me to be nude all nght - I could be the cocktail waiter

What do you do in front of your wife's friends when you are nude?

And then you woke up.

Brilliant ! I love nude dares and that one is really good. Good story, congrats.

Wow your wife wants you nude in front of her friends, I would love to do that, be the butler, serve drinks and snacks and do as ordered by the women. Do any of the owmen grab your *** or play with your **** while you are naked? Would love to hear stories about your experiences with the women.