Following my last post, my sister invited me for tea a few days later. When i got there she was only wearing an apron, she said my mother had been worried from the other night when i saw her naked from the back. When my mother came home i spoke to her and cleared her worries. As we got ready for tea, mt sister remained naked as my dad was working late, she asked my mother if she was joining her, which was declined. I too remained clothed. My dad rang to say he was on his way home, my sister ran to get dressed, i said to my mother i know where she gets it from. When she came back i asked what she was scared of. After all she had seen my dad nude, and i had seen her nude. She protested that i was dressed. My dad cane in went to get a shower and came down nude, saying everyone had seen him this way and he was comfortable. I looked at my sister, she looked back and went for a shower. She came back with a dressing gown on, and took a deep breath before letting it go. She had shorts on, but was bare breasted. She was surprised how comfortable she was, and later fully ********-down. My mother still said she felt uncomfortable to ***** down herself. encouraged by my sister i undressed and remained so. My mother built up courage to go to pants and bra, for around 10 minutes, before going for a shower, following which she too wore her dressing gown. She let it fall open, the removed it. She was amazed how relaxed she felt. We remained that way for over an hour until i left. My sister is now a full time home nudist, as us my father. My mother is catching them up.
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Aug 18, 2014