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I have always been fascinated by nude living. I was about 13 when for the first time I saw a nude lady. (I live in India, you know it is a conservative society). She was my relative and I was spending vacations with her at her country home. After a day of my arrival there, she went to shower. Her husband was out at his job, and at home there was nobody except two of us. I was in the sitting room reading a magazine when she (I will call her Sophie) came out of wash room totally naked. I was blushed, but she was calm as it was normal. During my stay with her, I saw her naked many times. She told me that living nude was a gift of God and that we should not be ashamed of it. She rather encouraged me to take off my clothes to put myself in a natural, relaxing and thrilling environment. I did and found it really new approach to life.
That was the beginning. I started sleeping in nude, and as any opportunity found, would take off clothes at home. I got married at 29 with a liberal girl of 28. In a joint family system it was really big problem to come out of your room cloth free, so we had to be very careful, but disturbed all the time that we were not free to enjoy freedom. of being nude. Luckily my employers transferred me to another city. It was a blessing. Now we used to stay at home totally nude, walking, eating, cooking and watching TV without clothes.
Once one of my wife's cousin came to us for staying a couple of weeks in connection with her University assignment. (She was teaching in a University).In our society it is very normal to stay with relatives. A few days went by. We lost our freedom: no more nude living. Our disturbance gradually turned into tension and agony. We dare not to suggest her ( I will call her Sheela) to get another accommodation, though for a couple of weeks.
Surely Sheela had sensed our discomfort, not knowing the reason. Most probably she thought that it was due to rising expenses. One day she discussed it with my wife, Kirn. She unsuccessfully tried to satisfy her. When I came to know, it was a real problem: how to tell her. At last we decided to tell her the real disturbing cause. Kirn explained her in private.
Two three days later, we all three were having evening tea when Sheela initiated the topic. Now it was my turn to tell her every thing. She listened attentively but did not comment. Soon she moved out, to her room. We did not know what was in her mind? After about half an hour, Sheela entered. To our astonishment, she was wearing only bra and underwear. She asked: was it OK for us, and that if we both wanted to stay nude, she would not mind.
Seeing her in briefs, I was confident that she could follow our way. I appreciated her boldness and explained that living nude not necessarily meant sex all the time. Kirn also told her of her experience, and we both suggested Sheela that she might experience nude staying for a few hours, and if found satisfying & relaxing, she might continue, otherwise, we both would try to accommodate her by staying clothed. She opened her mind that after thinking all aspects, she had decided to experience nudity. She further told that for the last three nights she had been sleeping without clothes and had found it very comforting & relaxing.
We exclaimed "Hurra". I immediately went to market, without disclosing two ladies, and bought a cake. Sheela, still in her briefs, was talking to Kirn, most probably on the nudity topic. Bringing cake was in fact a celebration in honour of Sheela (not her decision to stay nude, but being liberal, accommodating and desiring to enjoy natural living)..Kirn put a piece of cake in her mouth and next moment unhooked her bra and lower down underwear. She was totally nude. We did not waste time to take off our clothes, It was the new beginning.
Sheela stayed with us for about six weeks. She confessed that it was a great memorable relaxing period. Thereafter, whenever she came, we all three were very comfortable in proximity to nature. She is enjoying nude living at her home, and expects her would - be husband to enjoy same cloth-free living: could be four of us jointly.
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How amazing! It is as if I am that cousin because I also got undressed when visiting my elder sis, married with two kids, living nude and encouraging liberated, uninhibited life. It was really fantastic to throw away your clothes in a family. Though sometimes I got horny to see erect c**k of my BIL, so what, it is natural, and one ought to be, if she/he is fully grown up. rozinapark

I like it. Share your lively and inspiring experiences with us.chootrani