Early Nudist Experiences

I grew up in South Asia which is quite a conservative as a culture. Nudism and open nudity was definitely not a norm and not encouraged. Having said that, my earliest memories of me are always trying to get rid of clothes when I can.

As a kid, I would always try to take shower with other kids. We used to splash around in the buff while we cleaned our bodies. I think I was maybe eight years old when I was told that I am now old enough to shower on my own. I still remember, I was not at all pleased and refused to shower for a day or so.

As I got older, the culture got the better of me and I stopped being nude in the open and started covering up as everyone would laugh at me. My friends started giving me names and so I shuddered away from doing it. I still remember arguing with friends and elders that my body has nothing different that they had so whats the point of hiding. I would only get more weird looks and people will just shhushh me.

At age 12, I was given my own room. This initiated me into my favorite pastime of spending time nude in my room when no one was around. However, I would still not share this with other friends as I would be called weirdo.

Since it was the 80s, and there was no internet, and i had not yet discovered naturism. Therefore, I thought I was really weird and therefore continued my favorite afternoon pastime alone. Extremely alone. As a kid I spent many a days (when no one was home) in the buff doing homework, watching TV and even grabbing a snack when hungry.

Then I became a bit bold and I started giving myself small dares to do. Once I dared myself to roam around the house in the buff when everyone was asleep. I did not realize but my sister was up and she caught me roaming in the buff. I was scared **** that she would report me, but she simply laughed it off and never brought it up again.

Then college happened and I left the comfort of my home for a rough and cold Michigan. And there I was exposed to a totally different culture and tolerance for the weird. In the dorm rooms and in locker rooms, everyone was nude when they wanted to be (at least same sex) and no one would mind joking, talking and even showering while others were nude. This was a totally shock for me and that is when I realized, I am not that weird

Slowly but surely, I got the courage to shower with them in the buff and was probably one of the few Asians who would not mind being nude in the locker rooms with others. It was totally exhilarating. There were naked runs, streaking, and what not going on all around us on campus in the buff and I began to relax and realize that I am normal like everyone else.

However, years of being stuck in a closed culture, I was still unsure to go beyond the locker rooms/dorm rooms in the buff. And it did not happen till I graduated and went on business trip down to Florida.

Had I been exposed to a nudist positive culture as a kid, I would have embraced it more naturally. But like many others, it was not so. Today, thanks to the internet, it is far easier to find Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asians who love to enjoy nudism. But still, it is something we prefer not to talk about openly lest we get those weird looks.

I have been a bit open about my nudity with my close friends. Barring a few, most of them have not really liked this idea and have shunned me for it. But a handful have taken the plunge of spending time with me in the buff. No they did not become nudist (atleast not openly) but still do not mind shedding their clothes when I am around.
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Thanks munpasand for sharing story. Since I am also a South Asian, therefore I can well realize the taboo attached with social nudity. During my stay in Europe I found that nudity was really refreshing and thrilling. Now back to my country, and well supported by my husband (who is also a nudist) I am enjoying living with the nature. I have managed to found a small circle of like minded people. We often get together and enjoy staying totally nude for one full day, of course night too. Though nude living should not bring along with it any sex game, ****, etc., however, human desires and physical love cannot be denied and ignored. Personally I enjoy sex a lot, and due to innovative mind, make my husband wild & crazy, that is why he calls me "Chootrani". I am sure you understand the meanings. Me & my husband would like to read your stories. Can we exchange our e-mail addresses? May be we meet someday, here or in US. Chootrani

Thanks for your comments and great to find others with similar interests. Would love to connect on email and maybe one day we can meet as well. Check your message box for my email address.