Embarrassing Nudist

Well, My story is about a beautiful hot Southern California weedend. My wife an I loved to visit local nudist clubs in the area and we decided to visit one of are favorite small clubs. I was a quite day and people were all sitting around the pool enjoying good company, and enjoying drink, mostly beer, and wine. I jumped in the pool to cool off and it was very refreshing, As I was swimming my wife and some women friends were visiting at the edge of the pool, So I got our and decided to thorw a towel between them and the pool and laid down on my stomach and was enjoying the sun, Now the women were just talking and paying no attention to me, I thought, when one of the women reaches into the pool with a plastic cup and pore's it on my butt crack. and I got an instant erection, the hardest erection I could ever want if it wasn' for the fact that I was naked and in public. Luckly I was on my stomach, to sort of hide that manly beast. I would have be so proud if I were about to have sex in a bedroom. But no. So I sort of and quickly got into the pool to hide my erection. Of couse the women were laughing their heads off.
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Jan 16, 2013