I love the feeling of stripping off my clothes and going naked. Many times when I am doing laundry etc I am naked. There is nothing shameful about the human body. It is a work of art when displayed appropriately and in the right situation.

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I wonder when would it be inappropriate to display a human body? Off hand I can't think of any time. Would a human body not be a "work of art" before 6 PM? Or just on Tuesday?

And what is not the "right situation" for a human body to be "a work of art?" There is nothing shameful or wrong with human bodies any time and any place.

I love to be naked, when i am at home im naked, when my wife is at home we are naked.

<b>i love nudity</b> but the main reason i am posting this is that this is <b>the <i>888th</i> group i've joined</b>.

Do you have s story for each

Absolutely nothing is the outfit that feels the best to wear and looks the best on you.