While The Group Title Doesn’t Make Sense...

 it fits with the general theme of nudism so will post to it.
As I have said in a few other groups of this type, I am naked about 90% of the time.
For me, having to wear anything is a dreadful occasion!
So, enjoy nudity and nudism!

NakedDriver NakedDriver
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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I just got a new apartment that is a work-live studio. I am going to get a few screens, and some beach-style signs. People may come in to the lobby area, but to proceed further in, they will see "Clothing Optional Nude Residents Ahead" warnings. From my private office to the kitchen and washrooms, I will go nude. Why not?

Like you I only wear clothes when necessary, and hope one day not to have to wear them at all.

<b>i would say that weairng clothes <i>is</i> a dreadful thing!</b><br />
my body feels confined and it only is comfortable when done for warmth.<br />
<b>down with unnecessary clothes!</b>

Describing it as dreadful is a pretty strong adjective! Although there is no real need for clothes except for protection and warmth, I try to live my life without clothes in order to be cooler and more relaxed.