I Miss My Mommy

while still being a toddler, my mother passed the way.  she had breast cancer. i dnt remember her face all i remember was her always throwing up and laying on her ber covered.  i wish i could still be with her because eevn tho i might not know her that well something inside me makes me LOVE HER.
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5 Responses Nov 16, 2011

Aww. So sorry for you.. Since I had my daughter the thought of leaving her scares me immensely, there is such a strong bond.. You would undoubtedly have missed her as a toddler, maybe the memory is vague, but something inside you still hurts. That can't be easy. Just know that her love for you is infinite, and focus on those who have cared for you since. Keep yourself happy & healthy, that's all she'd ever have wanted for you x

I stell have to say one more thing June 14 2012 my last mother passaway. I know it is hard too bere sometime. Maybe that is why I wear diapers and plastic pants

<p>I understand what you are going through,because when I was 4 yrs old my real mother ptassaway, my second mother passaway when I was 7 yrs old,</p>

thanks for the tip. & yes it is hard when someone really close to us as our parents are no longer with us.l

I am sorry you lost your Mom and especially at such a young age. I was 20 when my Mom passed. Loveing your Mom is the bond that you share because although she is no longer with you Love never dies. There will be times when she is close to you and I believe she has not missed a single stage you have gone through in your life. It may help to write a journal when you miss her and wish she was there to talk to then you could write to her. Hope today is good for you.