Mens Clothing

why do mens clothing suck? i love to wear girls cloths,,it;s more exciting,,girls get all the fun,,no fair,,lol
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Damn, you sexy thang!

Like most people I agree, mens clothing is crap. Womens clothes at least offer a choice, a dress or skirt and top, tank top t shirt or blouse, heels or flats, panties or g strings (sorry thongs for my US friends) stockings & garter belt stay ups or pantihose. The dress or skirt can be mini, midi or maxi split in front back sides or not at all, it can be tight or loose and flowing. Plus the materials are gorgeous and feel so good on your skin. Then there is the range of lipstick colours that I can choose<br />
For all the above reasons I have decided to wear girly clothes when ever I can and do wear bra and g string nearly every day

I know what you mean, if i were a man id probaly design my own clothes to incorporate the clingyness and silkyness that i appreciate about female garments.

You wouldn't be able to get away with that without being severely harassed.

I love wearing a Bra.