I want to be loved. Not just for my accomplishments but for my character.I don't want to be someone that everyone forgets a year after they are deceased. I want to be the undisputed and beloved friend that anyone can come to. I daydream about being a defence attorney who has never lost a case. Other times i see myself as the best sniper the US military has ever seen. Still yet as secretary of defence. Ha!..Why not be president!! Chief justice on the Supreme Court. What awesome things these are. But when i really think about it, are these things neccessary for me to be happy and feel good? Why not be a hard-working father and a good, loving husband? One who is honest and trustworthy Still loved but more connected to the real meaning of life. Whatever the case, I will do my best to live life to the fullest and be all that i can possibly be.
andy6336 andy6336
18-21, M
Feb 29, 2012