Weird Dream I Had This Morning That Bother Me

i had a dream, i was in a pasture with my mother, and father.i remember seeing a little shelter, my mother was in there with a brown horse, it was calm, i think she was feeding it and my father was standing by a electric fince, that was around a big open field there was also a horse behind this fince, but there was and uneasy feeling about this horse.the horse was light gray with black spots. my father had a rifle and he was tring to shoot a big buck that was far away also behind the fince, but he couldn't hit the buck, and the horse was get upset by the gun shot. i told him not to shoot that the horse was going to come threw the fince, but he kept shooting. so the horse came threw the fince i jumped over the electric fince to where the horse had been, thinking it wouldn't come back over. the horse went after my father and he shoot it three times and the horse fell to the ground, and then my father didn't have a rifle any more it was a pistol. he turnd and looked at me like he was sad about the horse and put the pistol to his head and shot him self two times and then i woke-up (i wonder where did this dream come from i wasn't talking about horse nor do i have any, and i wasn't talking about guns or any thing that was in this dream it was so weird. i really don't know about how dreams work, or if they can have some kind of a meaning in real life, but i would really appreciate it if some knows how to interrupte this could help me understand why i would dream some thing like this thank you.)
joeylcorona joeylcorona
26-30, M
Apr 8, 2012