i want to share my story. im not sure if its going to help me but it might help some one else. I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. This man took me into his familly's home. I was 18 and homeless and he was my night and shining armor. I had so much love for him for showing me what familly really was. He had an amazing famlly that i concedered mine at the point. Within the first month he started to change. I would read emails going out to girls, he would meet up with and send naked pictures. when i called him out on it he became phisically abusive. He started to take his anger out on me every time. he would tell me that he hated me and he wished he never brought me to his house. everyday hed tell me that he hated me called me a ***** and said i was worthless. i never saw this side from him. Sadly i stayed with him through that. i went three years with mental and phisical abuse. A couple days ago i got in a bad accident flipped my car a couple times and slamed into a wall. i lost my way to work and school. He recently kicked me out and i had no where to go. He just used me up like a rag and threw me away. My friends tell me too turn to god, but at this point im broken and im in a deep depression. I moved with my mom. im not confterble here. her husband constintly comes on too me. Hes an alcholic and at this point i dont know what to do. I miss my x's familly, i miss his little sister and i feel like i want to go home, but i dont know where home is. I lost everything at once. My friends tell me that this is gods way of saving me, but i dont feel saved , i feel broken . if you could please pray for me id appreciate it. thank you for reading my story.
rubyinacio rubyinacio
18-21, F
May 6, 2012