Soap Box Rant For The Digital Age

I dont know if its waking up to Josh laying half way on me making my arm feel all pins and needles or the fact that i had to listen to some random kid screaming for a mocha at 7 am in the morning. I mean who gives i kid starbucks at 7am. but i have the feeling that at some point today im going to go nuclear (in my George w. bush voice).
I want a monkey one of those kinds that was in that movie but because i live in the state of Georgia i cant own a monkey. I can own a yard filled with urban chickens, goats, all the guns my heart can desire but not a monkey. I can even walk around with a snake as the latest fashion accessory. I blame Tony ******* Blair....wait wrong country I blame George W. Bush.
As for you mr. Persident i want my change....I voted for you and all that and i still havent gotten my change. Im not asking for much just a little bit for my 7am white chocolate mocha with soy milk and if im not asking for too much can you please keep the screaming kids away.

Drossi28 Drossi28
26-30, M
May 7, 2012