Sex With My Married Cousin Female

we both were close to each other we always talk about sex when we were alone her husband working aborad one night i was drunk i i decided to sleep n there place since no one knew at home that i was drinking on that day when i came to there place she was in night dress it was 12midnight i woke up to pee when i came back i saw in her room i saw she was still awake n i went in her room i asked it every thing ok n we told me that her back is paining i simply asked can i massage she said y not n she slept upside down i stared massing her n she became horny too which i can fill too then she asked me did u ever had sex i said yes i told her that i had sex with my ex gf ones n that time i was 23 n she was 27 my cousin n when she got up n she was wearing only bra n panty n stared missing me i kissed her too n i start pressing her boobs n unplug her bra n when i did that she put her hand in my underwear n started touching it my **** became hard in 2 sec n i licked her boob as weell as boobs n we had sex 2 times that night even now when i get chance i do the same now i am 27 n she is 31
nikai nikai
31-35, M
May 9, 2012