Mother's Day

I called my mom she didnt answer for screw it im not gonna sit around all day while she plays favorites with my brother. Im getting my board and heading out. so to you mom and your how many ever hours of labor pick up the damn phone.
Drossi28 Drossi28
26-30, M
2 Responses May 13, 2012

Did you finally make contact with your mom?

I feel for you. I am on the other side of the coin. I went out to celebrate mother's day with my sisters, their children and grandchildren Thursday night. My daughter showed up. Only then did I learn that she had moved back to the Bay Area. I did have not been sleeping well since. Today, I found out from Linked in that she had been working at Standford since January. She probably moved back to the Bay Area some tiem last year. What is a mother to do? I know, may be I will adopt you, Drossi28. So glad I found this site to air out.

Im sorry to hear that but yes this site is very good for airing thing out. I dont understand why it's so hard for people to communicate with one another.with all this technology it should be so easy. Your msg did put a smile on my face. thank you.