Why Do Men Lie??

I am so angry today. I was in the gym and overheard two men talking and they were talking about my long term boyfriend. They were saying how he had not been the same since he and "HER NAME" broke up a few months ago. They even used my mans name so I know they were speaking about him. We had went through a rough time a few months baack and now I know why, he was seeing someone else! Of course I went home and asked him about it and he denied it, of course but I know he is lying. If he would just come clean, we MIGHT be able to work through it but I know he never will. I am not one to yell and scream and I would never act like that but he has to come clean or we will be over! HELP has anyone else went through this???
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One more thing......he did breakup with her so he chose you over her. <br />
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Do these gyms rats know you, they seem to know you bf. Could they have been setting him up knowing that you were listening?

I thought that too but they have never been introduced to me so they didnt know who I was. I knew who they were as I had seen their pics before. I am still in shock over this.

Yeah my wife had a weekend fling that I found out about so I guess it's not just the guys who lie. I told her i was moving back closer to home and she could do whatever. I got my own place and she started coming around and said she had made a mistake and wanted to make it work yada yada. I told her that I was not going to play this game and if she ever did this again I was through (and meant it). We have been together since (about 10 years) and I do not think she has done it again. Sometimes it still bothers me but not for long. Quite Frankly, I have been wanting some strange myself but haven't strayed yet. That's my story.