The People..

I constantly hear someone calling my name! Sometimes a man. Sometimes a woman.Normally it sounds like someone in the same room as me, but when I look around to see who it was no one answers. I also make up people in my head and dream about them. I used to text my friend acting like I was them - I felt like I really was. It was fun. I had company! Until I tore my relationship with my friend apart for them. They became my best friends! They were family. That no one knew about except me. I think I'm insane.. I didn't ask to be this way. Honestly I've never been normal. I remember bring in heaven before I was born. Always have. I told my family that I remember heaven and they think its amazing. But I wonder if it means something. I.. I don't know whats wrong with me!
QuestionedPsycho QuestionedPsycho
May 14, 2012