Anr What It Takes

Unless you are husband wife share the expereince of breastfeeding and even then it take a lot of commitment by both parties. Just having a man suckle on woman breasts is only part of the relationship. It take commitment, trust and the caring in order for it work. If the two people do not have that bond in their relationship it will died. Both parties have to be thinking on the same plane for it to work. Otherwise your just going thru the motions and it doen't mean anything. If your thinking of having Adult Nursing Relationship you have give it 100% or your just wasting eveyrbodies time. So it's best to think about what your doing and want before you start. It take. COMMITMENT!
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I am interested in meeting a man to begin enjoying the AN relationship. I don't know if there is anyone in my area, so I am responding to some posts. I live in NW FL near AL and GA.