I Feel Like Very Sad:((

i am 19 years old .. and i don't feel like the girls at my age:( i feel so bad i have no idea what to do. i am not sociable because people who i know don't understand me ,they think that i am very strange... but i want to have normal relationships with them.. sometimes i want to go somewhere , where nobody will be able to find me... i can't fight this feeling which makes me cry.. and the main reason why i feel like this is that everyone think that i am a baby and i want to make them think differently and how i don't know..:(((((
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Biologically you should be happily married and producing your children at your age. You haven't been allowed to have the normal life that women of your age have done for hundreds of thousands of generations, and it makes for crazy. Its so sad that the whole society is so messed up.

i'm your age, and i understand how you feel exactly, i decide to find happiness in me, and make myself happy first, how people perceive me does not matter anymore, because every morning, i tell myself everything i believe in, and everything that i want to hear and live in it. and you know yourself better than anyone, why worry about how the think the know you? u will miss time to bond with yourself trying to be happy from what people offfer you. just be you. be happy

You sound like your suffering from low self esteem (been there done that). You need to know that you can change that! It takes time and constant reminders. Be your your best friend first!!! Build yourself up and do not subject yourself to toxic people. Always ask yourself...how would I feel if my child were being treated like this?<br />
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Embrace the positive and shake off the negative (except that there will be negative but it is small stuff) Integrity and character are more important then selfish pleasure.