When All Is Given Up Whats Left

To my grandmother i gave up my childhood to take care of you for fourteen years until you died and i was passed away...To my father i gave up pain to let you take your abuse out on me and your hurt with each puch and hit...To my Aunt who took me in I gave up my dad and told him to leave that i choose you over him and to never come around me again. I did this becasue you wanted it and you gave me a home to live in food, clothes, and family. I gave up my emotions also and let you take you pain out and blame me for her death, for not being worth anything, for nobody wanting me, for being a waste. I let you break me becasue you did give me a place to live...To my cousin i gave up my freedom, the outside, joy, rain, grass, and friends. I slave away wroking for you doing all that you ask and never letting you down. I let you scream at me and blame me for that which i have no control over becasue you slaved my life.
I gave up so much for the people in my life to make them feel special but now i ask. whats left for me?
Drossi28 Drossi28
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

No regrets. Just lessons you haven't learned yet. Our pain makes us stronger. Just use it to better yourself and not to pass it on.

You are young, there us still lots left, you gave love, and because of that you are loved by the One that has infinite love for each one of us<br />
<br />
Remember when we give we never should look for something back, but give with love

Thank you. Your comment was so caring and heartfelt. It made me look at things a different way.