My Daughter And I Have Called It Quits.

My daughter and I have reached an understanding; we want to move on with our lives without each other. The backstory...

She is close to 24 years old and when she was 17 she was angry with me and posted alot of cruel comments on My Space. One day she left her account open (on my laptop). When I read it, I was devistated (at the time I had breast cancer). She and I were fighting alot (apparently my cancer was not a big enough concern for her to be supportive). That left a scar. She graduated from high school a year early, and went to community college. She changed her major from business to theater an began to focus on the social aspect of her experience. She dropped/failed classes and was very disrespectful to her father and I. I gave her an alternative (live by our rules or move out)...she decided to move out. Unprepared she moved in with a male friend. The situation was not good (her roommate was bad news), so we bribed her to move home. A few months later her roommate was arrested and charged as a petafile.

She moved into our home, and we have been paying for it since. For 5 years we have spent many thousands of dollars on broken promises and ridiculous semantics. For the longest time I felt like I was being emotionally blackmailed; the stress was horrible. I just graduated with my masters and do not feel that I need to take it any more. Lets just say I am invoking my parental right to utilize the tough love policy. She may hate me...but the truth is she already acts that way and I can't watch her negative behavior anymore.
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51-55, F
May 23, 2012