I Feeel........ Idk How I Feel But Just Readd :s

ok so heres how i feel im 18 years old im gay my mom and all the family is super religious and kicked me out when i was 15 i stated giving dance clases but after3 years i broke my ankle mi father rappped me when i was6 and my mom remaried when i was 3 her husband is an ex military that decided to beat me every 5 seconds but since my mom is emocionaly attatched to him decided it was ok my step father ended up on the USS most wanted for rapping his daughter and for smugleing drugs and ran off to mexico and my mom decided to fallow i have never been enough for my family and dont fir in in anywhere because im a ******* carebear and people get fedd upp with me
ive tried to kill myself 7 times and i got daignosed with addiction to pain!! lol sos wtf wwYd??
batalie batalie
18-21, M
May 24, 2012