What Happen,why Did It Happen

It's hard or it seems like it's hard, when you are not the person you use to. you were active on the go not just being at home aget up and go person. you became sick during this time found out you had an illness with no cure,one illness that attack its healthy cells.Later on after some years have passed I was getting where I could not walk, get up from sitting I just lost it, found out I had a muscle diease which really was no medication for it, the muscles will get where you can't use them. And if that don't beat all found out about being diabeteic nd top that off I had a breathing test done today found out my oxygen leve was not good, I know I had to sleep with oxygen but now I have to keep it on 247.I don't even want to know what else could go wrong. I need continous pray!!!
HurtingDiva HurtingDiva
May 25, 2012