I Don't Care About Anything......ha Ha

So yesterday my wife had to have a procedure done. I worked 16 hours of overtime in a week so I knew I would have sufficent time to take off for this. After the procedure she wouldn't be able to adequetly manage our son on her own. Since I work nights and she works days we flip-flop schedules as to who has him. I have him in the day, she has him at night.

Anywho, she has this proceudre and I take off two days to help. Her sister will be watching him on Friday since I have to go to work.

The day we come home she goes to bed. Completly understandable, doesn't bother me. Take care of him all day today. Except for when he was napping and I went to the bank to establish his college fund. No problems, I'm great with taking care of him by myself. Doesn't bother me in the least.

I'm fine with taking off work to help with things like this and when it's important I'm home all day.

So today she tells me that she feels like she is licking dirt to ask me for help. I make her feel bad because we don't talk. I tell her everything we did that day. We went to the park, came home took a nap. He woke up, had lunch, played some more, took a bath and went to bed. That was our day. I don't know how to make conversation out of that being our day. Nothing amazing happened. I aparantly don't care about her and what she's been through, I'm only thinking about myself. I don't devote 100% of my attention to her anymore. It is worth noting that we have a 1 year old. At lot of things are happening.

Then the same B.S. from 2 years ago came up again. My family has ruined her life. If our son wasn't here she'd drop me like a bad habit and she is only staying her because she can't afford to leave. Then in the same conversation says she wants another child. Can I get a hell-to-the-no?

She got in an argument about her mother. Worthy of another post. My wife comments on how her and her father are miserable together. Her mother then comments on how we look miserable together and we are going to end up being just like them.

When I look at all my posts I can see that happening if she doesn't change.

I ask what she needs me to do to make it better for her. She never answers. Just says I've told you. I ask her to tell me again and she says no, it's too exhausting. The only thing I can remeber her saying is she wants me to cut out my mom and dad from my life b ecause of what happened 2 years ago. I refuse. I cut my sister out because of what she did and I'm fine with that but not my mom and dad. I had cut them out for the first four months of our sons life because she had a problem with them. I'm not doing that again.....ever. My mom has been nothing but decent and good to her and has taken a lot of her crap.

My question is this. Am I unsensitive if I take off of work to take care of everything while she is down? Do I not care about her and our son if I drop everything without a word to manage even more that I already do?

It is also worth noting that the one time I've been in the ER since we've know each other she started an argument with me in the ER while I was in the bed. This is her 5th procedure I've taken off for and managed and taken care of everything without one complaint or comment.

It also worth a  side note and this  is posted as an edit to the  story.  During my wifes argument with me  our son was in the room.   14 months  old, screaming, crying, obviously upset about what is going on.  Is climbing up my leg and she won't stop yelling and bitching  about whatever the  problem was at that particular moment.  This went on for close  to an hour.  The entire time she is still arguning.   Ladies......I ask  you  this......If  your 14 moth old  is upset about something do you keep  doing it?  Maybe  it's  me and thinking that  it's wrong and it can wait until he goes down for a nap or something.
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Jun 28, 2012