Justice Was Served -written By Boshie

To give you an idea of the trial, imagine a couple adopting 5 children and deciding that food would be used as a reward for chores well done, or going hungry if the child didn't perform. How can children perform, when they're faint from hunger?

For 8 long years the oldest boy only gained 7 pounds, he was 49 pounds when he and the other children were taken away. The children even resorted to eating dog and goat food.

I am glad to report that Judge Evans handed down the sentence today. The mother was given 8 years, the father 5 years. The main care giver got more since the father was at work. The mother got 8 years because she had starved the boy for eight years. The Judge said the food was there, but the distribution was not fair. I think he was referring to the obese father. The 14 year old boy was present ro hear the sentencing.
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How are you doing perserverer? I don't remember if I mentioned that soon my 2nd son and his wife will be adding two little girls to their family. L. is 12 and M. is 7. There is also a 5 year old girl who was adopted when she was 3. When K. heard that the girls had to go visit their real Mom, she told them to go live with her. The two girls had lived with them in foster care before, so they knew K. was adopted. They never mentioned it until that comment. "Well you 're adopted." K. said, "I am not." They don't want to have to tell her she was found wrapped in a towel outside a nursing home in January." She looks so much like my son, so they tell her that she is from the heart. My son and his wife have two natural sons. Then the State gave them another 20 month old foster boy. They also asked them to take twin 2 year old boys. My son said, "I think we have met our quota." The older kids get an allowance for helping with the little boy.

Thank you for posting this.