2 Years Of Abuse

when 1 was 141/2 i met this sweet guy named aiden the first week of our relationship was amazing but then he started to to tell me what to do and hit me and it seemed that he enjoyed me being in pain so each day it got worse and worse he eventaually raped me when i was 15 years old not only that he scared me whatever he told me to do i did even if i did it right he would still hit me for no reason and if i started to cry he always start to laugh and kick me he had pleasure with my pain and i went on the web and searched what does it mean if your boyfriend takes pleasure from bringing you pain and then i found out he was a sadist and i tried to help him about i suggested therapy but when i told him that it made mad very very mad he picked the lamp off the table and he hit me in my head with it i woke up in his basement with nothing but my underwear and bra on and i was on a leash he kept me down there for what felt like 2 weeks then he let meĀ  out my parents were worried sick and i got in big trouble then he blackmailed me into moving in with him i dont wanna say how but when i started to live with him i was scared every single day i have bruises that will stay on me forever im still in the relationship with him now
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well if your prego do whatever it is you need to do and get the hell out of there even if you have to kill him you can,t keep dealing with this or going through this everyday of your life come on girl get the hell out of there for the sake of your kid do it do it do it.....

u need to think of a plan and GET OUT! for ur life and ur childs! MAKE a PLAN Now. U r smart enough, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps take the advice and take action. Or we maynever again hear from u

you need to leave now get up and go str8 to the nearest police station now dont wait call you parents from there lay abuce charges sexual assault on him and get an order on him now .... dont wait i kno your scared the next time he hits you may kill you he is an animal you deserve better if u get an order on him he will go to gail if he comes near you i think thats better than him beating you ,,, no one should be made to suffer the way he makes you suffer leave and live girl you deserve to be safe he need to be made to suffer as he has made you suffer ,,,,, you kno what you need to do there are ppl who can help you but you have to ask for help be strong do it for the life you have inside help it there all you need to do as reach out you can do it

It will only get worse. You are so young and have so much living to do. It is hard to get out of this type of relationship and people do not understand. Most communities have helplines and programs to help victims of abuse. Whatever he has used against you is nothing compared to the horror you are living through. No one deserves that.

do whatever you have to do no matter what it takes but get the hell out of there if you have to kill him do it better him then you right do it do it do it before your the one who ends up dead come on girl don,t stand for his ****....

why don,t you dump his sorry *** you so deserve better then that you don ,t deserve that sweetheart charge his *** and get out of that relationship before he ends up killing you what are you thinking staying with him honey don,t do that to yourself get out asap...

I've tried leaving him a bunch of times but he always ends up catching me and knocking me out and I always wake up locked in the basement

Why are you still with him? I endured 12 years of physical abuse and 25 years of fear of the physical abuse. Please take it from someone that has been there. Get out. Get therapy to deal with the PTSD issues you are going to face from IPV (intimate partner abuse). No person,male or females deserves to live in fear. You can turn this all around. Use the strength you use daily to live there to get out.

well i have tried to leave him but he always ends up catching me. knocks me unconcious and when i wake up im usally locked in the basement for a few days

Run, get away !

i've tried 5 times and he always catches me and he usally just locks me in the basement for a couple days

kill the basterd in self defence don,t tolerate that call the cops and charge his *** now now now or your going to end up dead it,s just a matter of time....

Girl, you need to get out. period, you cant fix him..and I know you already know what you need to do. Life will get better, get away from him immediately. Call someone you know, tell them whats going on and make a plan, act on it and never look back. Please, if you dont want to die...bc people like this only get worse and he might not mean to but he could accidently kill you.

im trying to leave him but he wont let me leave and your right i have to get away im trying real hard now i have to try harder cause well im pregnant

im so emmbaressed for posting this

dont be embarrased, we all have secrets.