Just Brok Uped

My story is kind of crazy,I had a bad beak up 2 years ago and after that i thought by my self no man deserved to be loved and i should have never trusted the guy and i been treated like a whor,
so i started working as an escourt,and that was when i met this gorgeous,tall,very attrective guy,as a costumer,some how he become my regular client and he was coming to the brothel only to see me,
we started talking and i asked what a hell is he doing in the brothel?he can have any girl for free!he said he got a partner who is mentaly sick and they got abosolutly no sex and he is hanging in there becuse of their kid,we started seing eachother out side my work,fall in love and made love endless,i stoped the work and even had to sell my iphone to pay my rent,notbecuse he asked me to stop but becuse i couldnt work any more i was mentally not there,found a normall job with very low income,
loved him went out with him and adored him,never asked him to leave the wife,he said that was his plan,
he went away on work trip,she followed him,and when he wa away he was calling,texting,skying to me,telling me how much he loved me and he missed me,
when he got home i couldnt wait to see him,but he was a totally diffrent person,he was telling me the wife has changed and she is really nice to him,she changed her medication and she is doing better,
i wanted to go out with him but he was telling me thats not fair on her!he never talked to me that way,we got into fight and he told me maybe he dose still have some feelings for her,even tho he was telling me he has never ever had even kissed her or huged her when they were away,
that brok my heart,still texted and called eachother tryng to make it work,he said he would leaved her if she was well,I would not be in your life if she was well,i said,he keeps making excuses not to leave her,like its my birthday,its my doughters birthday,we just got home from holliday,and now she is really sick she may have Cancer!
he told me i could start dating othere duds and that was the end of it for me i felt sick,and yuk, i could guess i got no place in his life any more he just used me wile the wife was a ***** and now he dosent minde coming and emptyng him self on me,but he dosnt wane be in relationship with me anymore,he comes over sleeps with me gos home and text me good night and turn his phone off till morning,not much text and no spending time going to dinner or drinks,telling me he got no money to take me out,but he had 6 weeks overseas trip with wife and his kid,
i knew i made my self so ******* cheap that he dosnt even wane take me out to buy me a drink.
lernt my lesson,big time,talked to him and told him that our relationship is over and im not gone wait for him to give me another excuse,im still in love with him but the fact is he dosnt deserved my love,trust and respact,what he deserves is having an absolut nuts ***** at home and going and paying the hokers to have sex with him,and yes i did belived him when he said i deserve better,
i feel like i got a whol in my heart,im so sad cant even cry,i just want to delete all i got in my head with him,you never know i may even go back and make the dud like him pay to even have a chat with me,
olive791 olive791
Sep 15, 2012