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I need some one to answer my question about what to do I went to Va to see about how to get my widows benefits started, my husband was 100% service connected disabled vietnam veteran, i showed the lady my husband death certificate and it has on it cause of death was sephsis, which was caused from a diabetic ulcer that he had on the bottom of his right foot got infected. He had diabetes caused from the angent from vietnam and alot of other health problems. When the lady saw the death certificate she said he didnt die from service death so i would have to talk to dr that death certificate to see if she would put and admendment to certificate that the sephsis was caused from the diabetes that he had, and caused his death, or i wouldnt be entitled to his widows benefits. If i dont get the widows benefits, i will lose our home and everything we had cause i am disbled and i cant work. Do i have any chance of getting widows pension from the VA
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

From my experience, VA can be tricky to navigate. Do you have medical records that will show his diabetes was from the agent orange? Was he determined disabled because of the exposure to the agent orange? It is important to talk to his doctor or doctors and get the verification to support your claim. You may want to talk to the VA and request an advocate. They may call it somthing different but an advocate assists you in applying, steps you need to take and getting through the process. You must be persistent at this difficult time. Hope this helps.