i am married and bicurious and would like to chat to other guys in the same situation
i all so like wearing my wifes thongs/g strings
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am married too
I did do it with a guy once.
I wanna do it again.
I wanna suck cck and take in the butt.

I am also married and bicurious. I fantasize about sucking **** while my wife rides me. She knows about my fantasies and calls me her ****** boy & *****. I tend to whine like a little girl when I get close to *******.

i too am the same, i want her to peg me and am so desperate i beg for it but never get it

i 2 am bi and wear lingerie 24/7 and have had sex with both men and women while dressed in lingerie dont be afraid of trying new things(oral or anal)

i know the feeling; i don't want to try anal (pitching or catching), but i do like getting head from guys.

i wouldnt want to do anal either....but would like to try giving head and receiving and to try wankinng another guy and being wanked while wearing wifes thong/gstring