When Does A Marriage Become Equal?

I want to start off by saying in no way am i perfect, but when does a marriage become equal?, I have never been the arguing type and i have always felt that no good comes out of it.....I have been married 8 yrs and i cant talk to my wife about anything without her being critical...or bitching, and its got to the point i have to deal with things on my own. Maybe this is my fault, I don question anything and i put alot of trust in her.....but its gotten to the point where i feel im going to explode or snapp, not snapping where i hurt someone but just going nuts....Im kinda new to this website so i dont know how much to write but this is a start for me.....as i have gotten older i have become more courious(Bedroom that is) but this is a mood point for her, how do i get this to change.......................instead of keeping in inside and then make the mistake of creepin....anyways this is the start of my story any ideas?
ugly6769 ugly6769
41-45, M
Dec 4, 2012