Old But New

ive been reading these posts for some time. this is the first time i have told my story. im not going into the details,because it has been a very long and twisting road as i am older than most of you, im 48.But i have felt very different my whole life and have tried to fake it and fit in..now i know what is wrong with me..ive tried antidepressants and they just make me manic.reading some of these stories have enlightened me...i thought i was the only one in the world that felt like this...reading these stories is like i wrote them myself.partly i feel good that this is real and not just that im twisted.but the other part mourns that i am indeed mentally ill.I dont cut or try to hurt myself i just have a HUGE amount of mental pain..that i cant get rid of...and i keep it very hidden...but people who really know me for long periods of time..get a glimpse now and then..also for all the doctors who say it gets better as you age,...my question just how old do you have to be...mine sure hasnt gone away. good luck and peace to everyone who has to deal with this.
crazy64 crazy64
46-50, F
Dec 5, 2012