It is that time of day where you are too tired to move. You are wore out from the day. It doesn't matter what you have done, all you know is it is time for nothing. The moment when you sit in your favorite spot, close your eyes, and drift. Sometimes the drifting takes you to some far off place. Sometimes, it takes you all over your chore list. And sometimes, sometimes, it takes you to nothing. It takes you to that one spot where there isn't anything. Just for a little while, you are weightless, thoughtless, surrounded by nothingness. Just the place where you want to be, the place to escape everything from the day.

It is when we can achieve nothingness that we can be happy. That is where we float, relax, forget and become revived. Nothingness is the place of peace. If you can't achieve nothingness, then your life remains confusing, too busy, stressful. Everyone needs to find nothingness once in a while. So, find your favorite place to sit. Sink into it and close your eyes. Drift, let yourself go, don't fight it, it is safe to drift. And let yourself find nothingness, find the peace so your life will calm down just for a little while.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I know what you mean. To just sit with eyes closed and let time pass by.

Sometimes, that is what we need to just make to the next day. Or even just the next hour.