Meaning Of Age

I escapes me how age among adults still acts as a barrier. Why should relationships be defined by age? Should not the true feelings of the heart and soul rule? I have not experienced this personally, but I recently had a female friend tell me they cared for an older man, but he would not hear of having a relationship with a younger woman. I suggested that he may have feared social judgement or perhaps feared she may just be interested in financial security.

Upon really thinking about this situation I don't think I would fear social judgement, and no longer have anything to offer as financial security since my ex-wife. Therefore, I have to admit that I wonder why anyone would want me these days, questioning my real social and emotional assets.
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i dont think any age span matters even child and adult

To some, age is just a number. I have always been called an "old soul." I'm twenty-three, but I get along so well with my lover, who is thirty years older than me, because I enjoy a lot of the same things he does, and we both share some similar dreams and goals. Our outlook on life might not be exactly the same, but we listen to each other and understand each other, which is something I never got from any of the other people my age.

To me, an age is not a number, it is a level of maturity. I have dated women youger than me and after the initial rush, we were so seperated in life outlook and experience it was difficult to have a meaningful converstation where we boht understood what the other meant. I have nothing against it, just my experience, its fun, like all learning another person, but long run, its not for me.

I believe it is rather sad that someone would not date someone else based on what society would think of them or age. To me age is just a number if you truly care about someone.