Dream Of Clean Water.

i had a dream i was in vacation. i was in ocean city with my daughter which was 6 months at the time. i had woking up in my dream to no sound. i come outside while my little one was still sleep. i look around and everybody is quit staring at the beach. i look at the beach and there was a big big huge wave coming our way. everybody was still and shocked. i looked to my left. there was and older lady sitting in her room. she said if you want to live enter this room. i ran and got my daughter and as soon as i steped a foot in the room with my 6 month old baby the water came and washed everybody away we are in the room watching everybody die and drown. the water did not enter the room not a bit. i grabed my daughter really tight and said thank you god. the lady said thats how the world was supposed to end i woke up. scared and worried. i would llike to know what does it mean. i had this dream back in late 2008 and remeber it like if it was yesterday. does it mean anything??? is the world gonna end like that??? it it something bad or good??? i've had lots of thoughts running through my head about this dream.
jay5908 jay5908
Jan 15, 2013