Overcoming Fear

I'm not an angel and i have no intention to want to pretend to be one or desire to be. Given a choice, i'll prefer the same old happy carefree me where no ghost or fleas tag onto you like leeches. What should you be more afraid of? Humans or spirits? I say humans without consideration. Spirits cannot harm you, they can only scare/freak you out, the most they can do, is break you down mentally. Sometimes one is unfortunate to bump into one, sometimes, some of your fellow humans plant them in your presence. So i've heard of people seeking holy assistance or mediums for help in getting rid of the unwanted and i still remember when i jokingly recounted my spiritual encounters to some acquaintances’, they offered medium assistance, even my mother tried getting help from mediums, but i tell you, nobody ever got rid of the lingering spirit/s.

From my observations, what my mother thought naively as the spirits being "cleansed" and removed from the house, was merely a change of plans. What actually happened was, the spirit/s, instead of freaking everyone in the house out, remained in the house, stayed quiet, showed less mischief but picked on you (that's me only) to show their presence. So oblivious to the rest whom naively thought the spirits were gone, sorry folks, they're aren't. But worry not, especially those planted by certain humans, are meant to follow you know who (that's ME) around. And they'll only make their presence known ONLY to me.

That's how i got myself started on educating myself on overcoming phobias/fears. I thought about the reasons behind all their actions. Why would they want to instill fear in you? Discipline, cower, intimidate, tyranny, whatever you can think of, it doesn’t matter, because YOU (that’s ME unfortunately) are in THEIR book. That’s it. Otherwise, why would they be spending so much time haunting a fearless you (that’s ME).

Yeah, it’s pretty sad that you have to resort to the worst scenario that, in the worst scenario, you’re of equal stat. But so far, from my real-life experience, spirits can hurt your mental health as in breaking you down ONLY. They cannot drive you to commit suicide. If a person commits suicide, that’s mental illness and depression, so, please seek out and get help, believe in SCIENCE, take medication. Then again, in every event, we think of the BEST and WORST scenarios just to better prepare ourselves in the uncertain future ahead. The most fortunate/lucky traits of mine is I’m always optimistic and the BEST scenarios often always call out more to me than sad worst scenarios that made me do certain things. Well, so far, all have been success stories. Of course, I have my broken down dog bitten days that made me sad, but if I were to weigh what I gained as compared to the losses, I think the risks are all worth it. I’d gained more, far more than I’d lost. Beyond my wildest imagination. The biggest gain, I got was me WALKING out of phobia/fears playing/screwing up my mental health. So now I know, mental illness CAN be created in you. Please trust in science and medication.

Although supernatural stuff happened to me all the time, I refused to buy into whatever traditional cure crap. If I indeed do, I will be sending all the wrong messages ALL across and indirectly ENCOURAGE THE GROWTH of witchcraftery / black magic and such which I cannot tell you how much I want to get rid of.

Remember, if you happened to unfortunately spotted something you should not be seeing, feign ignorance. Or else, you’ll end up like me, stuck onto you forever as their medium. I know it can be difficult to feign ignorance when you’re freaked, trust me, you just have to stay CALM. Stay calm, do not panic, do not scream or shout, the best way is to continue whatever you are doing, doing something will distract your attention or pretend to go to sleep. If you simply refused to respond, there is nothing they can do, except MISCHIEF. But well, mischief doesn’t kill. Spirits cannot hurt.

Only Humans do! The basis of all evil is humans.
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Jan 17, 2013