Different Point'S Of View

Some have told me to let go of what's hurting me, which only seems logic if I think about it.
Until I realize what it is that's hurting me.
Some told me to move on, without any closure at all.
Which seems like an easy thing to say, but not to do.
And some have told me to break off all contact, because it would be beter for me.
Something I could never do.

What I'm trying to say here is that everyone views a situation differently.
And as thankful as I am to have people reading my story's, and appriciate the advice people are giving me, they aren't the one's who have expirienced this like I did. Their situation may seem familiar to mine, yet no one has the right to tell me what to do. Only I know how I feel.

With the whole relationship drama I've had, people have adviced and even told me to stop getting in contact with my ex, and letting it all go as it is.
Yet they don't know this like I do.
I could explain every moment of the past few 9 weeks in which this has been taking place, but that wouldn't change a thing.

Even people in my enviroment think they know what's best for me. My sister, who doesn't want to see me hurting over some boy more than is needed. My friend, who told me to be realistic and that things wouldn't always go how I wanted them to go.( After that I don't consider her such a good friend anymore) And my mother, who is there for me to listen and question my feelings. Yet she also knows that in the end, it's up to me what I'll do. And she's the only person to really understand me.

Some people have had more than one relationship, and for them getting over a break-up might not have been so hard. But they seem to forget that this is only my first expirience with love. How long it takes to heal from a break-up, depends on what sort of person you are. No one can tell how long you will take to heal, only you can know.

I shouldn't have to constantly defend the will of my heart, or the reason in my brains. I know how I feel, and that's what really counts.

Not that I don't appriciate all the advice, I do! But if I will do something with it, is a whole different story.
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

your first love is hard to deal with the loss of it, time is a healer, to have loved and lost is better than not to ever have loved at all, better to open up to another and you will feel better, your first love is not going anywhere, he is with another, so should you,,