How Can I Be A Good Girlfriend And Daughter When My Parents Dont Agree With My Realtionship?

So I have been with this guy for a little over 2 yrs now, we have had ups and downs like any relationship but hes a great person for the most part. My parents absolutly do not agree with our relationship because he is black. They always want me to get back with my ex husband which is my sons father. My boyfriend now is great to us and he treats my son like he is his. He recently started a new job as a truck driver and he has to do long distant for about a yr. I decided that I didnt want to stay alone so I moved back in with my parents so I could finish school and they could help me with my son. But the past few months I have found it so difficult to make them happy. They are always in my business and telling me how awful I am for dating him when he is home and I go see him I have to lie to them so they wont treat me different when I return. They are telling me that when my son gets older, hes four, that he will question why my boyfriend/ the only father figure he has really had, is a different color than him and he will hate me for it.. They tell me I am going to make his life more difficult becuz of my boyfriends race... Im starting to feel a little brain washed becuz I actually have never thought of it that way before. I was just wondering has anyone went thru this or have you been white and grew up with a different race as a father figure. Am I goin completly nuts or do they have a point. And can I still be a great girlfriend and a good daughter to them too they make me feel like I have let them down so bad?? HELP???
mspeedling mspeedling
Feb 12, 2013