This Civilisation Is Going To An Exhodus

I think this civilisation is going to quick exodus. Why? We are more and more depended on technics events. There is no respect for that great values as religion, love, family. I am under a bad impression, as if there were only money and money. No love, no sentimental journeys to the past. Young people are definitely far apart of the God, ethic behaviour and some nice ideals, which are in the main reasin helpful, giving a good and effective live way. It is many examples of situation we have no time for a family, What is worse, there is less time for a prayers. The Bible, an iconic book of the many civilisations seems to be painfuly rejected. Artists are able to burn and destroy it in public, at the eyes of fans in order to play with them. In the middle ages when you hit simply monk or priest, you could have got a 30 bites or even to have got your head cut off. can do all what you want. Todays time is so cruel that a missionarries are being killed due to hate to their peace appeal. People are believing in the less and less number and even they are, they are ashamed due to this, what is in my opinion one of the worst sins, when you are ashamed because of your personal faith. I see less families going together to churches on Sundays. I see more of them in the more festivals or if there is a consecration of their parish church.
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2013

"people of faith" with their "intolerance" & "holier than thou" & "shove anything --no matter how crazy, HOW crazy" down your throat, are part of the problem though ( too ), in FACT --for all his faults-- Toronto's mayor makes more sense than SOME ( a few ) zealots ( they are really REALLY "out there", believe in beating kids, WAY "whacko" stuff........)

there ARE some for who "integrity" matters more than money, but........Look at Toronto ( Canada's ) ( our largest city ) the mayor adMITS to smoking crack ( only after being caught ) & his popularity actually SOARS ( WTF ????!? ) "EmbleMATIC" of society 😔😔😔