Allow Me To Give You All My Tender Love Si?

Sweetheart you are sleeping next to me and I can not resist to "cuddling" next to you and as you stir, your sleepy eyes look up at me and you smile and I ask you baby boy do you want to "latch" on? and your answer is "si mommy" and as I pull down my satin strap you hungrily latch on and suckle on my breasts going back and forth and I love that mmm it feels so wonderful! I feel your hands caressing my breasts and "twirling" my nipple and I see that your "manhood" is getting thicker and thicker and as I gently pull you away I kiss you ever soo gently and slowly I kiss your neck, chest, belly and proceed to wrap my lips to your delicious thick "manhood" and feel how you are lost in your wonder and I like that sweetheart  but once again I pull back and I again kiss you all over and  again you "latch on" and as you so sensually tug at my nipples I moan in ecstasy and love how  you devour and enjoy  my breasts I am also lost in my wonder and as I rub your " manhood" slowly and then hold you tighter and tighter I feel your juices will overflow on me as my juices are ready to overflow as well.
Yess how wonderful to get to a point of no return with you mmm! As we lay there and I hold you tight you "latch on" and look at me and we fall asleep once again your lips on my breasts and we are at such a wonderful relaxing moment. 
And so my darling do you like my tender love si?? I do! 
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I do love your tender love amor, i want to give you my nectar as much as you give me yours. Fall asleep at your breast and wake up again suckling again and again it's what i reeally want. Add me and message me carino.

i would worship your **** day and night amor,let me show you that my mouth its the right one for your ****,areolas and delicious nipples.

Would love to cuddle with you. Me encantaria chuparte los pezones hasta que te corras en mi boca mi amor.. ummmm