Bri Nylon Shirts

Love wearing them, wish more men still did. Great days when you saw them being worn every day. Still there are some of us around!
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Love to meet a guy into nylon shirts

Me too!

So lets meet in nylon shirts

Accept my friend request and lets meet

I have worn nylon shirts since school uniform days and still wear them every day. They always look so smart and feel great next to my skin

Great to hear this! Agree with you totally.

I owned a couple of bri-nylon shirts in my 20s, and wore nylon shirts regularly in my 30s, encouraged by my boss who wore nothing else. Then it was not until retirement I rediscovered their slithery smoothness and drip-dry convenience and regularly wore them again especially in the milder months. I love the bri-nylon ones in particular but looking through my collection only 4 have the telltale bri-nylon or BN labelling, they’re quite hard to find these days. I’ve met a few men who wear nylon shirts but we seem to be a rare breed nowadays.

I grew up in a family where most of my relatives wore nylon shirts. I still love wearing them and think it would be great to see them around more often.

Where do you find yours? I wear mine all the time-like you I guess I grew up wearing them!

I wear them as often as I can, they're such a pleasure to wear. eBay these days seems to be the largest source for new shirts

Be good to see some photos of you wearing yours. What age were you when you started wearing nylon shirts?

I have loads of nylon shirts in white sheer soft nylon and light blue and pink.
Just love wearing them . I remember wearing them as a boy at school . I think
The nylon shirts a re cool and sexy and nothing wrong in that .

I hope you guys agree . I just counted and have 13 nylon shirts .

I've got over 20. I wish they still sold them in mainstream stores but perhaps they wouldn't match the quality of Made in England Marks and Spencer nylon shirts I remember from the 1970s and many of which I still own, most already used when I bought them and still showing no signs of wear after 12 or more years of my wearing them. Perhaps their durability was why they stopped making them, they keep their smart looks so long you'd hardly ever need to buy new shirts ever again!

Yes most of us remember wearing them at school and have never forgotten how good they feel and how great they look. It's great to put a collection together while they are still available (just!)

Its great that I am not the only guy that loves wearing nylon, when I was out the other night this guy got chatting to me at the bar , he said to me I like your white sexy shirt and string vest under it , I said yep I love wearing them made me feel good . I also like my white sheer nylon underwear as well . So I just love wearing them always looking to bye more .

Wearing nylon shirts does attract glances because they are so distinctive- most young guys have no idea what they are, but realise they are different. Nylon shirts under a nylon lined jacket feel special too.

I have about 22 stiff collar nylon shirts. Most are white, but I also have pale pink, pale blue and cream, all plain colours. Most are either M&S, Van Heusen or Rocola (Golden Rapide). These brands are the best quality mens bri-nylon shirts that I have seen. I always wear them with a tie and a vest underneath, usually a string vest. They are easy to iron and feel beautiful after ironing. I don’t know if anyone under 50 would know about nylon shirts (and the fact that nearly every man wore them in the 60s and early 70s) but when I go out I usually get complimented by someone a lot younger. They DO look smarter! I think it is something to do with how light hits nylon, it reflects it slightly whereas cotton just absorbs it flatly.

Yes you're right the sunlight on nylon shirts has a wonderful effect, also the sheerness of the fabric.

I was 9yrs old when i first wore nylon shirts. It was blue to go with the rest of my uniform.

Was the rest of the uniform blue or nylon or both?

Do nylon shirts have a shelf life? I suspect the only reason to bin them would be if you tried to iron one

Warm iron does no harm. They last for many years.

I thought drip dry meant non-iron?

Ironing gives them a smoother shine and removes small creases

Had no idea they were high maintenance.

hardly that- two minutes shouldn't deter you

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