I took a oath in 2000 as to what happened in 1988 that caused 940-549-2461 to be a deadly number to any one else to have it. the oath i took was that it came to be i lose my telephone and some one else gets it .( i was to put an end to my life.) as i know what is going to happen to the one.s that get that number and there will be no end to it as long as some one has that number there life is in danger.

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This means that anyone that gets this nunber puts there life in danger and mine also as i am better to end my life as to know what is going to happen that is how bad it is, the person that gets this number did not start this this started in 1988 that is linked to this number

I,BCBoomer58, Did not start this Experience. I don't even know what it means !!!

No not huh [ fact ]