Obama Wins!!!!!!!!

Its True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Darling Daughter, they say many daughters are opposites of their Mom's. Time to face the facts...you have a Conservitive Mother who is a Lesbian. (Some people would say that's a triple oxymoron.) lol

My point is exactly that, I was listening to Fox News and from the other room I heard "someone give her the credit." No, it wasn't Sheppard/Cameron or Bill O'reilly who is my idol. But there was someone on Fox that had a different point of view. That is also what makes the show Balanced.

I guess just like anywhere else, you need to consider the sourse. As I'm reading your comment, someone on Fox News is giving her all the credit for McCain to get as far as he did.

You so funny woman! I didn't even vote. In bed most of the day . .

blueeyes08 can't stand defeat....we tried to tell you. Obama is a great man and will be a great President.


Rome fell in one day. With him it will be less.

It was my first time voting for a President. I picked a winner to vote for and he won!

I wonndered about other countries during this process and what could be at stake for them.

The horrible behavior was everywhere. I stopped watching news chanels because they were screaming over each other and you couldn't understand 1 of them.

It's a very good day, indeed.

I hope he reaches across to McCain and that they can work together..<br />
McCain's best side only came out in defeat. And on SNL... he was great on that!<br />
It's time for the GOP to stop the petty hateful stuff. I couldn't believe the stuff that went on.

Point taken. Thanks.

I agree everyone...this is history...but, we'll have to wait to see if it's one we can be proud of.

The atmosphere is pure magic, everywhere... this is history!

Yay for Obama!!!! I am 30 and for the first time since I started voting the candidate I marked on my ballot won!!! Despite where any of us stand politically, we should all agree this VERY election is a historical one.....

Yay!!!!! Obama!!!!

OK Miss Mimh.....when is it ok to talk to your mom that way? lol

i know go Obama