Naturally Submissive.

i am a submissive househusband to my Wife, Ms Regina. i have always felt it so natural to obey Her. i even vowed in our wedding to Obey Her. And i have been obeying Her and deferring to Her decisions regarding our household ever since. While it has felt natural and right that i obey Her, i am now, through Her influence and direction obeying all Women. i am not saying i take direct orders from all Women who are not my Wife, but that i am now showing all Women the proper respect that is due them because of their gender as Women and that i as a submissive male, am expected to respect them and therefore, in theory and in many practices i obey Women.

As an example, i defer to my Wife in all things. In many aspects of my life, i defer to Women. Our doctor, is a Woman. Our dentist is a Woman. Our tax accountant, is a Woman. Our banker who we work with, is a Woman. Our attorney is a Woman. The realtor my wife bought the house with is a Woman. The owner of the auto shop we take our cars to is even a Woman. In all things, most decisions made in my life are made by Women. Therefore, i obey Women. Mr. Gina.
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men should respect all Women and give them more power.<br />
you are lucky to have married your wife

i agree

You would do well to apply what you state here young man!!<br />
You know what I mean!!

Yes Mistress Catherine.

i agree i am 26 male locked in chastity i must obay women n mostly my key holder.. bot women r superior to men!!!

Continue and especially obey.

i am 26 male in chastity i obay women

Continue and especially obey.

yes mam i will i must if i ever want to get milked or jerk of time out of my cb2000

I hope that as a Tribute to the Power of Women, that you are being Feminized. as Males, we need to emulate women. If your Wife is the Breadwinner and Dominat partner, I really believe it is only Proper that you are not only Submissive in your actions, but also in your Dress. Afterall, Men had used Clothing to Control Women for Centuries, it is now Time that Women return the Favor. I Hope she has you In Skirts and Dresses and Delicate nylons...with a punishment If you run or ruin your nylons. High heels should be worn by you also to make you less "Sure" of yourself, and to Create a better 'figure" for the Pleasure of your wife. More Men need to Realize that we are in NEED of Feminization. This will make a better World for All!

Many times, when my wife and I get home, there needs to be a spanking for some offense againt one of the ladies or a store female clerk, My 3 mistress, my wife, my daughter and/or daughter-in-law will be there. They will take my pants down, my panties and place me over their knees and with a super hai brush start the "fun". Each mistress will do approx. 30, sometimes more. Than I am placed with my clothes GONE in the corner, facing OUT and my hands over my head. They sit on chairs while having coffee and mention the reasons that I am bein punished for. This goes on for approx, 30 minutes, than about 30 minutes for me to think about everything, then 20 more spanks OTK from all 3 of the ladies. 30 more mins. corner time then done.

MMhh. I like to see my husband's knees to the bottom corner with very red.

Yes. When i am punished, and it is not often, it is usually spankings and corner time. Denial of sex. i so much want to please Her that it hurts just not to be able to touch or please Her. So i do my best to never be punisihed by being obedient and pleasing Her any way i can.

Are you expected also show proper respect to other Women as a sign of respect to your Wife? my Wife expects it of me. To not show obedience to all Women would shame Her. Mr. Gina